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In Another 'First' for the NCC's 'Yearbook,' 2002 Hardcopy is
Bundled With an Electronic Edition, to be Updated Year Round

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2002 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches            February 13, 2002, NEW YORK CITY – A new electronic edition of the National Council of Churches’ annual “Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches” makes its debut with the publication of the 2002 hardcopy edition, off press this week.

Along with their book, purchasers will receive a 2002 subscription to the new “Yearbook Online,” featuring regularly updated searchable data accessible from any computer with Web access.

            “The electronic edition will allow us to update the ‘Yearbook’ throughout the year, providing better and more timely information to our readers,” said the Rev. Dr. Eileen W. Lindner, “Yearbook” Editor and the NCC’s Deputy General Secretary for Research and Planning.

            On-line, users will be able to take advantage of look-up queries to search the full text of the “Yearbook,” whether for the name, address or phone number of a particular person or for information about a particular religious body. 

            The 2002 “Yearbook” is the 70th published by the National Council of Churches and its predecessor Federal Council of Churches since 1916.  It is widely recognized as the most accurate and complete compilation of facts and figures on U.S. and Canadian churches and organizations.

The “Yearbook” may be ordered by e-mail (; phone (888-870-3325); fax (212-870-2817); or mail (Yearbook Orders, National Council of Churches, Room 880, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115).  Cost is $55 including shipping.

            Available separately on CD-ROM is the “Yearbook Historic Archive 1916-2000,” published last year.  Windows 95/98 compatible, it includes facsimiles of all statistical and essay pages along with statistics in database format for use in software packages for analysis, trends-spotting and quick reference.  Cost is $35 including shipping.

            The “Yearbook Online” and “Yearbook Historic Archive 1916-2000” are among enhancements under a three-year, $635,000 redevelopment grant from Lilly Endowment Inc.  Other enhancements, achieved in 1999 and carried forward in subsequent editions, include a directory of eight “non-Christian” faith traditions in America, an index of U.S. regional and local ecumenical and interreligious bodies’ work in 25 program areas, a revamp of the “Emerging Electronic Church” chapter and development of the Web site, which includes extensive links to additional sites.


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