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Sunday, September 30, 2001, 5 to 7 p.m. ET, on

September 28, 2001 -- Local church pastors are facing enormous questions as their members struggle to understand the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington. Now a broadly based relief organization is providing expert advice through a series of interactive forums, beginning this Sunday evening, on the Worldwide Web.

The forums are sponsored by the Church World Service (CWS) Emergency Response Program. Founded in 1946, Church World Service is the global relief, development, and refugee assistance ministry of the National Council of Churches and its 36 Protestant, Orthodox, and Anglican denominations. The events will be streamed live on the Web, and available subsequently for on-demand viewing. (See below for technical details.)

The Rev. John L. McCullough, Executive Director of CWS, says the forums will offer "spiritual support and professional resources" to clergy and spiritual leaders as they attempt to meet the needs of their congregants.

Dr. Katrina Bright, a consulting psychologist from Oklahoma City, will moderate a panel of experts (some of whom are still to be named). Dr. Bright has extensive training and experience in disaster response. She worked at the Family Assistance Center following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, the tornado in Oklahoma in May 1999, and the crash of the King Air plane carrying players and staff of the Oklahoma State University Basketball program in January 2001.She also wrote the materials used by the Clergy Response Institute of Oklahoma to train clergy in disaster response.

Confirmed panelists include:

The Rev. Denise Glavan, Senior Minister, Disciples of Christ, Oklahoma City, and a principal writer and contributor to the training materials produced by the Clergy Response Institute of Oklahoma. She has served as a national trainer of clergy in disaster response for the Clergy Response Institute.

Additional panel members, primarily drawn from among those working directly with survivors and recovery workers in New York City, will be confirmed by Friday. See (click on “Forum for Faith leaders”) or for details.

Video and audio streaming technology allows events to be broadcast on the Internet to computer users all over the world.  By utilizing community tools, such as message boards, Web-casts can become interactive through the participation of people in other communities.

This Sunday’s event will use both Audio-Video and Audio only formats in order to engage the widest possible group of participants in congregations and pastoral aid groups. Participants will need a current version of Real Player (a program that allows you to receive streaming audio and video).

There is a free version of the player available, and it is safe to download it from Real Player. It will not contribute to the spread of viruses or damage your computer.


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