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September 20, 2001 -- The NCC Friendship Press bestseller "God is One: The Way of Islam" confronts barriers to understanding between Christians and Muslims with concern and accuracy. 

First published in 1989 and now going into its seventh printing, the resource calls on Christians to confront their prejudices and inform themselves about Islam.   It challenges Christians to develop an understanding of Islam and to recognize Muslims as their neighbors.

A basic reference book on Islam for Christians, "God is One: The Way of Islam" explains the Islamic faith and highlights such points of agreement for Christians and Muslims as the devotion to one God.  It presents who Muslims are, what they believe and how their faith not only unites them but shapes every aspect of their lives.

Written by R. Marston Speight, a committed Christian and former missionary who spent years living among Muslims, the book responds candidly to such questions as: Who was Muhammad and what inspired him?  What is the Qur'an and what does it say?   What do Muslims believe about Christ?  How can Christians and Muslims meet and talk today?  What about the "radical" Islamic movements that permeate our news?

"God is One: The Way of Islam" is illustrated throughout with Islam's contributions to science, art, medicine, architecture and literature as well as its significance as a world religion.

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