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NCC Selects Amity Teachers Of English To Go To China

           June 29, 2001, NEW YORK CITY- Orientation has just concluded for 15 of the 18 English teachers who will leave the United States August 2 for two years' service in the Amity Teachers Program in China.  For the first time, two Amity teachers will serve in Inner Mongolia and one at the Nanjing Seminary of the China Christian Council.

           Church World Service, the global service and witness ministry of the National Council of Churches, coordinates the recruitment of Amity teachers on behalf of U.S. churches.  The new volunteers, who are sponsored by NCC-member denominations and the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, will join 21 teachers entering their additional years of service with Amity.

           Volunteers serve at Chinese universities and colleges, instructing prospective teachers in English as a second language. Designed to encourage the volunteers to "become bridges spanning the human distance between the people and churches of their home countries and the Chinese people," the teaching program is a key part of Amity, a non-governmental organization in China.

          Established in 1985, Amity was created by Chinese Christians who continue to serve on its board. As a Chinese organization, Amity can offer a genuine partnership with Chinese professionals who have a vision for meeting the needs of disadvantaged members of Chinese society. While a few teachers may be placed in major urban centers of Eastern China where the program began, the current emphasis is on helping students in less wealthy areas.

          Christians from more than a dozen countries have joined the Amity Foundation to promote friendship and understanding, and to contribute to Amity's efforts in rural development, education, social welfare and Bible printing.

           The Rev. John L. McCullough welcomed the teachers at the headquarters of Church World Service.  He thanked the teachers for their commitment to volunteer service on behalf of the 36 communions and encouraged them to be ambassadors par excellence for their faith and for their country.

           The list of new and continuing CWS Amity Teachers follows:


Erin Alberty, Ottumwa, Iowa, United Board, Zhenjinag Teachers College, Jiangsu

John Close, Norfolk, Va., ELCA, Baotou Teachers Training Center, Inner Mongolia

Russ Elliott, Naperville, Ill, UMC, Yancheng Teachers College, Jiangsu Province

Ilse Friberg, Prosser, Wash., United Board, Yuncheng Teachers Training Center, Shanxi

Julia Granath, Plano, Texas, United Board, Fuyang Teachers College, Anhui

Kay Grimmesey, Upland, Calif., UMC, Huanan Women's College, Fujian

Erin Hetrick, Omaha, Neb., ELCA, Nantong Teachers College, Jiangsu

Andrea Malzahn, Chaska, Minn., UMC, Fuynag Teachers College, Anhui

Marie McCulley, Burney, Calif., ABC, Nantong Teachers College, Jiangsu

Danielle Panza, Fort Wayne, Ind., UMC, Jiujian Teachers College, Jiangxi

Carl Penton, Pensacola, Fla., United Board, Huaiyin Teachers College, Jiangsu

Florence Perez, Eden, Texas, UMC, Shantong Institute of Education, Ji'an

Daniel Reider, Blaine, Minn., United Board/ECUSA, Baotou Teachers Training Center, Inner Mongolia

Caroline Sunquist, Allison Park, Pa., PCUSA, Yuncheng Teachers Training Center, Shanxi

Connie Wieck, Marshall, Ill., UMC, Inner Mongolia Institute of Continuing Education

Anne Wire, Berkeley, Calif., PCUSA, Nanjing Theological Seminary

Hugh Wire, Berkeley, Calif., PCUSA, Nanjing Pharmaceutical University

Barbara Wyman , Marshfield, Wis., ELCA, Zaozhuang Teacher College, Shantong

CWS Amity Teachers 2001 Continuations


Haidee Aquino, Philippines, UMC, Sanming Teachers College, Fujian

Ellen Barber, Mount Vernon, Wash., UMC, Shangrao Teachers College, Jiangxi

Richard Behringer, Tripp, S.D., CC/UCC, Ji'an Teachers College, Jiangxi

Jerri Behringer, Tripp, S.D., CC/UCC, Ji'an Teachers College, Jiangxi

Beth Carter, The Woodlands, Texas, ECUSA, Yichung Teachers College, Jiangxi

William Davis, UMC, Shantong Institute of Education, Ji'an

Erin DeVos, Woodville, Wis., RCA, Yichun Teachers Training College, Jiangxi

Latosha Glover, Cleveland, Ohio, UMC, Fuzhou Teachers College, Fujian

Jon Hilton, PCUSA (returning in February 2002)

Phyllis Hilton, PCUSA (returning in February 2002)

Kristina Minster, Lexington, Ky., ECUSA, Jiangxi Teachers College, Nanchong

Clayton Olson, UMC, Linyi Teachers College, Shantong

Rudilyn Raguindin, Philippines, UMC, Shangrao Teachers College, Jiangxi

Beth Roberts, Batavia, Ohio, ECUSA/UB, Fuzhou Institute of Education, Fujian

Erik Rush, Vancouver, WA, United Board, Shangrao Teachers College, Jiangxi

Susan Smith, Madison, Wis., PCUSA, Zaozhuang Teachers College, Shandong

John Strong, Louisville, Ky., PCUSA, Jiangsu Institute of Education, Nanjing

Kim Strong, Louisville, Ky., PCUSA, Jiangsu Institute of Education, Nanjing

Suzanne Webber, Renton, WA, PCUSA, Nanjing Foreign Language School

Robbie Wellington, Atlanta, GA, PCUSA, Changwei Teachers College, Weifeng, Shangton

Clarence Woodley, Cleveland, OH, UMC, Fujian Institute of Eucation, Fuzhou


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