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March 8, 2001, NEW YORK CITY -- In the near future the Worldwide Faith News (WFN) data base of official news releases from world and national faith groups and organizations will move to a new Internet service provider.

The change will bring improvements for users of the WFN data base, WFN Project Director George Conklin of Berkely, Calif., said. The new WFN home page will display the most recent 20 news releases posted to WFN. It will be updated dynamically, 24 hours a day, each time a new release is posted. The same dynamic update will also be done for the page used to display all releases posted during the last 30 days. In the past updates were done once each day.

A new search engine will permit complex searching of the WFN data base. Michael deBeer, a consultant for the Institute for Global Communication and other world organizations, has designed the new WFN using open-source components. He was a designer for the original WFN.

Users of WFN do not need to make any changes. The URL will continue to be Internet users who have subscribed to the WFN-NEWS mailing list will continue to receive all releases posted to WFN.

WFN expects the change will be transparent to all users of the 16,000 document data base and subscribers to the WFN-NEWS mailing list, Conklin said. If there are questions or problems during the transition time they can be sent to:

The change is being made because the non-profit corporation which has served as host for for the last six years is closing its hosting service for the WFN-NEWS mailing list and other similar lists.

Worldwide Faith News is widely used by journalists, educators and those interested in faith news around the world. It has been recommended at journalism conferences and noted as a "must check daily" site for religion writers and editors.

Since its inception in 1995 Worldwide Faith News has benefited from financial administration provided by the National Council of Churches in the U.S.A. Support for WFN's development and services have come from grants made by the Trinity Grants Program of Trinity Parish in New York and the posting organizations. Posting to WFN is open to the news or communication offices of world and national faith groups and organizations.


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