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God is One: The Way of Islam -- Order Now! 800-889-5733January 7, 2002, NEW YORK CITY – Written especially to help North American Christians understand Islam, the second edition of "God is One: The Way of Islam" is due off press this month. "God is One" responds to a surge of interest in what Muslims really believe and how Christians can relate to their Muslim neighbors – interest that has resulted, ironically, from acts carried out Sept. 11 in the name of Islam.

Dr. R. Marston Speight’s original text (1989) won acclaim from both Christians and Muslims for its accurate portrayal of Islam and helpful introduction to Christian-Muslim relations. Dr. Speight, a committed Christian and former missionary, spent 23 years living among Muslims in northern Africa.

A United Methodist and Texas native (now retired and living in Connecticut), he wrote "God is One" while he was director of the NCC’s Office of Christian-Muslim Relations (1979-1992). The office – located at Hartford Seminary, Hartford, Conn., from 1976-1991 and now New York-based -- produced the second edition in partnership with the seminary’s Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations.

The second edition includes a new six-session study guide and a new resource section listing books, videos and other resources for further study of Islam. It adds a substantial "Afterword" that places the material within the context of more recent developments in the Islamic world and provides up-to-date statistical information.

A basic reference book on Islam for Christians, "God is One: The Way of Islam" explains the Islamic faith and highlights such points of agreement for Christians and Muslims as the devotion to one God. It presents who Muslims are, what they believe and how their faith not only unites them but also shapes every aspect of their lives.

The book responds candidly to such questions as: Who was Muhammad and what inspired him? What is the Qur’an and what does it say? What do Muslims believe about Christ? How can Christians and Muslims talk today? What about the "radical" Islamic movements that permeate our news?

It calls on Christians to confront their prejudices and inform themselves about Islam. It challenges Christians to develop an understanding of Islam and to recognize Muslims as their neighbors.

"God is One: The Way of Islam" is illustrated throughout with Islam's contributions to science, art, medicine, architecture and literature as well as its significance as a world religion.

Orders for the second edition (approximately 170 pages, paperback, $9.95) may be placed by phoning Friendship Press at 1-800-889-5733 or sending an e-mail to


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