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NCC's Friendship Press Publishes Second On-Line Resource 

            November 2, 2000, NEW YORK CITY – The study guide to “Map & Facts: Mexico,” the latest in the innovative Friendship Press series of study maps, has just been published on the National Council of Churches’ Web site:    

            Like other geographic studies from the NCC’s Friendship Press, the Mexico map and study guide are designed to undergird congregational mission through better understanding of a country or region’s people, geography, history, government, economy, religion and culture. 

The four-color, 23” x 35” “Map & Facts: Mexico” (available in print only, for $8.95) shows topography, states and major cities of Mexico.  Eight panels on the reverse side provide a ready reference to Mexican geography and history, including the impact of the Spanish colonists, the development of the church in Mexico, and current economic problems. A special feature are the individual "profiles" of two Mexicans who reflect on the meaning of faith in their lives. 

The 16-page study guide -- on the Web in “printer-friendly” text and PDF formats (also available in booklet form for $3) -- is intended to help congregations evaluate and then react to the issues in Mexico.  It reviews the material found on the “Map & Facts: Mexico” panels, and adds additional resource information.  It also suggests a plan to be followed by local study leaders to help mission study groups better understand the people of this large country and near neighbor. A brief videography suggests video resources that could also be used in the study of Mexico. 

            The study guide to “Map & Facts: Mexico” is the second-ever Friendship Press on-line resource.  The first is “A Child’s Glimpse of Cuba,” a resource for teachers of elementary school children, published in July 1999 and one of several pieces in the publisher’s 1999-2000 ecumenical mission study of Cuba.  It is available only on the NCC’s Web site.   

            Over the years, Friendship Press geographic studies have offered a veritable world tour – most recently, of Cuba and Indonesia.  Upcoming geographical themes include “Vietnam”, “The Sudan”, and “India”.  These and other studies include the “Map & Facts” along with other print and audiovisual resources for use with children, youth and adults.  Other Friendship Press resources explore contemporary issues – most recently, Mission in the 21st Century, and Refugees and Forced Migrants. 

Friendship Press resources may be ordered by phoning 1-800-889-5733.  Or, consult the “Friendship Press On-Line Catalog.”  Just follow the link from the NCC Web site’s home page:


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