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Church World Service Responds To Global Emergencies

         July 10, 2000,  NEW YORK CITY---- Church World Service is supporting global ecumenical response in several emergencies, including the following: 

CWS Provides Assistance for Chile Flood Relief

CWS is sending $21,585 in Blanket Fund assistance to Confraternidad Cristiana de Iglesias (Christian Co-fraternity of Churches) and Policlínico Metodista (Methodist Polyclinic) following flooding in Chile last month which drove more than 60,000 people from their homes. Among the central and southern Chilean areas affected was the capital of Santiago. The Blanket Fund assistance will be provided to help more than 900 families affected by the storm and subsequent flooding.  

CWS observing situation in Nicaragua

CWS is currently monitoring the recent earthquake in Nicaragua that reportedly left four people dead and 42 injured.  CWS officials have also been in contact with the Hurricane Mitch work team office in Nicaragua, an ecumenical group that provides assistance to local partners on post-Hurricane Mitch reconstruction projects.  The office reports that work teams from CWS member denominations are safe.  

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the earthquake in southern Nicaragua late Thursday, July 6, registered 5.1 on the Richter scale and damaged more than 200 homes.  It was centered near the city of Masaya, some 20 miles southeast of the capital of Managua.


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