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CWSW Responds To Drought In Afghanistan and Pakistan

            May 31, 2000, NEW YORK ---- Church World Service (CWS) is seeking $250,000 to provide food, livestock fodder and seeds to aid 4,500 families in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the wake of a severe drought which has driven thousands of families from their homes, withered crops and killed livestock. 

            The CWS Pakistan/Afghanistan office has developed a plan to provide emergency relief to some of the most vulnerable families over a period of three months.   In Afghanistan, where the situation is particularly acute, the project will provide food packages to 4,000 families.  Each three-month food package for a family of eight will include wheat, cooking oil, rice, beans, sugar and tea.   

In Pakistan, the seed and distribution program will aid 500 families by providing food and dry fodder blocks for livestock in immediate danger.  Currently there are some 8,500 animals believed to be at risk. In Pakistan, the program will be implemented by CWS through its partner, Participatory Village Development Program (PVDP). 

            As a result of the drought, thousands of families have been evacuated or forced to leave in search of water, food and fodder. Consequently, child mortality and malnutrition rates have risen, especially among children, women, and the elderly.       


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