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NCC Earth Day Mailing Goes To 105,000 Congregations
Earth Day 2000 Coincides with Western Easter Weekend 

            March 7, NEW YORK CITY ---- A National Council of Churches (NCC) mailing on “Becoming Faithful Energy Stewards” has been sent to 105,000 congregations in preparation for Earth Day (April 22, 2000).  Because Earth Day falls on the Saturday of Western Easter weekend this year, many congregations will be celebrating it another weekend, but the symbolism is not lost on those who see using energy efficiently and faithfully as a religious issue.

              “Energy is the lifeblood of creation, and Easter is a celebration of resurrection,” said the Rev. Richard Killmer, Director of the NCC’s Environmental Justice Office.  “One way to celebrate Easter is to be good and effective stewards of energy so that all can enjoy it, including future generations.  What an excellent way to witness to the hope of the resurrection, by contributing to the healing and renewing of creation.”

              The NCC has spearheaded many programs to encourage energy savings, including an “Energy Stewardship Congregation Program,” which urges congregations to covenant to make their church buildings and grounds more energy efficient.   NCC resources also help church members to write letters, call and make visits encouraging their local, state and national elected officials to endorse a “Clean Energy Agenda.” 

            The NCC’s 2000 Earth Day mailing includes:

        A church bulletin insert on “Becoming Faithful Energy Stewards,” to be used any time close to Earth Day, listing many ways Christians can “participate in the restoration of creation” though personal and church energy efficiency programs and by designing policies and taking actions to slow down global warming.

        Sermon notes drawing on John 20:19-29 to show how the hope of Jesus’ resurrection can lead people to work for positive change around the global warming issue.

        Information about the NCC’s Energy Stewardship Congregation Program (formerly known as the Energy Star Congregation Program) listing steps to make church buildings and facilities more energy efficient and save money.  Call 800-288-1346 to learn more.

        A resource list of materials available from Environmental Justice Resources.

        Information about clean cars and the clean energy agenda, including ways to contact national representatives on the “Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency” (CAFE) standards issue.

        Suggested postcard messages to senators and the President about the Clean Energy Agenda.

              Copies of the Earth Day mailing are available for 75 cents each for 1 to 19 copies or 20 cents each for twenty or more.  Ask for EJ0035 at 800-762-0968 or write to Environmental Justice Resources, NCC, P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, Indiana 46515-0968.  The contents also are accessible on



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