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Local and Regional Ecumenism

In many counties, towns, cities, and states across the United States, Christians of all kinds come together as one body of Christ in councils of churches, as part of interfaith councils, in cooperative social ministries, as informal neighborhood initiatives, in advocacy organizations, as clergy associations, and in many other communities. The National Council of Churches is one part of this large and diverse tapestry of the one ecumenical movement, and NCC relates to these groups in a variety of mutually supportive ways. More.

News and Announcements

- NAEIS News Available - Read the June 2011 newsletter.

- NCC Supports a new Kansas Ecumenical Ministries

NCC Local and Regional Ecumenism Committee
This NCC Committee, which includes representatives from local and regional ecumenical and interfaith communities, is charged to facilitate relationships among and between local, regional, and national expressions of the ecumenical movement in the United States. More.

Online Directory of Local and Regional Communities
This online listing helps to make visible the many ways that Christians of all kinds pray, live, and act together in towns, cities, and states across the nation. It is designed to facilitate awareness, communications, programming, and funding.More.

Local and Regional Representation on NCC Commissions
NCC encourages representation from local and regional expressions of the ecumenical movement on the five NCC commissions: Education & Leadership Ministries; Interfaith Relations; Faith & Order; Justice & Advocacy; and Communication. More.

Working Together
NCC collaborates with local and regional ecumenical and interfaith organizations through the Eco-Justice Program, the Immigration Task Force, theHealth Task Force, and other joint initiatives and partnerships, speaking and acting as the one body of Christ alongside interfaith partners.

Partner Organizations

Ecumenical  and Interreligious Leaders Network (EILN)

The State Ecumenical Executives Group (SEE)

More than 200
Local and Regional Ecumenical and Interfaith Communities

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