Join Us In New Orleans, Louisiana
July 31 – August 6, 2011


·         Participate in hands-on efforts to rebuild homes, communities and lives (come for part of or the entire week)

·         Opportunities to encourage and support those in need


·         Sending a volunteer or team of volunteers from your church to participate

·         Making a financial contribution to support Ecumenical Work Week

·         Praying for the participants and that the Gulf Coast region would be fully restored with justice

For more information on how to be involved in this important and exciting work,

Please contact Victoria Goff at 610-768-2449 or
American Baptist Home Mission Societies, PO Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482

Download a registration form here.

Download a release form here.

Ecumenical Work Week – FAQs


1.   How do I participate in Ecumenical Work Week?

a.      Assign a group leader to be responsible for making and confirming reservations. If you aren’t coming in a group, you are still very welcome to participate.


b.      Download registration packet at and return application and release forms with the $25 per person registration fee.


c.      Once the forms are received, you will receive a confirmation letter/e-mail and a volunteer information packet. The volunteer information packet will include detailed information on housing, the agenda, what to expect and what to bring.


2.   What is the time commitment?

Volunteers are asked to serve one week. Arrive on Sunday, work Monday-Friday, and travel home on Saturday. If your schedule only permits you to come for part of the week, you are definitely welcome to join us.


3.   Are there any age requirements?

NO! Youth groups must include an appropriate ratio of 1 adult advisor for every 4 youth of each gender.


4.   Do I need to be a member of a church?

No. People of all faith traditions are welcome to participate.


5.   How can I help even if I can't go to Ecumenical Work Week?

a.      Sponsor someone else that desires to attend.

b.      Host a fundraiser to support volunteers and other costs.

c.      Contact your denominational press and ask them to write a story.

d.      Offer prayers for the region and the volunteers.


6.   What type of work will I be doing?

There is normally a variety of home repair activities like painting, laying sheet rock, and cutting grass as well as a variety of community service options.




7.   What do I need to bring with me?

·         Work clothes that can get dirty and are loose-fitting and suitable for hot, sunny, humid days

·         A change of clothes for the end of the work day

·         Shoes that are suitable for construction work

·         Sunscreen and a hat

·         Water bottle (suggested)

·         Close-toed shoes

·         Hand Sanitizer

·         Plastic or cotton work gloves

·         Personal hygiene items, including bedding